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Wasp & Hornets Extermination

Inspection & Treatment

  • 1 h
  • 249 US dollars

Service Description

- Full Interior/Exterior Inspection - Full Interior/Exterior Treatment - Sanitation Assistance - Small Exclusion Pest Proofing - Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed Hornets, wasps and yellow jackets can create a bad day for residential and commercial properties. Exterminating them can be difficult especially without the proper protection and tools. We start by putting a on bee suit, then with a variety of techniques we can locate the nest. Depending on where the nest is, how much activity is present and the accessibility of the nest we can use different methods to eliminate them safely. Preventing wasps or hornets from building a nest or free roaming your property may feel impossible but there are solutions to reduce the chances of that happening. With some of our plans focusing on the stinging insects you can be sure to minimize the chances of you or your family accidentally triggering them to attack.

Contact Details


121 N 1st St, Pacific, MO, USA

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