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Spider Extermination

Inspection & Treatment

  • 2 hr
  • 289 US dollars

Service Description

- Full Interior/Exterior Inspection - Full Interior/Exterior Treatment - Sanitation Assistance - Small Exclusion Pest Proofing - Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed All spiders included, Treating spiders starts with why they are there to begin with. Some spiders prefer the environment while some prefer what it has to offer as food and water resources. Identifying the spider and its desire to be there will be the first step in controlling them. Certain spiders can like moisture, darkness and resources of an area or harborage has to offer. Treating the general areas of a property alone may not be sufficient to eliminate these. Sanitation to specific areas with the correct method can control what spiders like most about it and help draw them out into the desired treatment. Depending on the species and the level of activity can alter how long spider control can take, some spiders like brown recluse can go up to 6 months without feeding where wolf spiders need to eat more than they weigh in a week. With proper treatments and being consistent with treatments we can eliminate them from in and around your home or building.

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121 N 1st St, Pacific, MO, USA

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