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Fleas or Mites Inspection

Inspection Interior/Exterior

  • 1 h
  • 49 US dollars

Service Description

First, we must determine which you are dealing with, then assess a treatment option at time of inspection for treatment after preparation has occurred. When treating fleas or mites, our first step is to find out why they are there. Starting with inspecting anything you are aware of and continuing with the interior and exterior for possible clues. Without finding the source, it's not likely to be solved anytime soon. Once we have identified which one you are dealing with fleas or mites, we take care of the source which could be anything from a bird, mice, rats or other animals that carry fleas and mites on them. After removing the source and with proper sanitation we can continue to inspect the home, because whether it’s fleas or mites, they can be in multiple locations throughout the home depending on how long they have been there. With fleas they will lay their eggs in carpet, rugs and even your furniture. At this point we do need to treat every crack and crevice throughout the home in order to exterminate the fleas or mites. Available after inspection, - Full Interior/Exterior Treatment - Sanitation Assistance - Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

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121 N 1st St, Pacific, MO, USA

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